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Internet access downtime can have a devastating effect if you rely on web based partner portals or services.

Failure of file servers which host customer relationship management (CRM) systems could bring your business to a halt.

Businesses today rely on their mail and messaging systems more than any other piece of infrastructure. IT administrators know that it is absolutely imperative to monitor email servers 24X7, not only to prevent downtime and quickly fix problems after they arise, but also to know the status of required components and to identify potential problems and performance deterioration before they turn into costly downtime.

The Benefit

The benefits of network and server monitoring across your enterprise become obvious very quickly. With properly monitored networks and servers, a company can ensure that its mission-critical database, email, web site and e-commerce applications are operating at optimum efficiency and productivity. End users, including employees and customers, are neither frustrated nor disappointed by unreliable IT systems. A reliable IT infrastructure will help develop a sense of trust and confidence, an important component in raising both the level of an employee's productivity and revenues from existing and potential customers.

Speedyhosts utilise 24 hour remote automated monitoring systems that give up to the minute statistics for baselining.

Reporting facilities give us the ability to identify trends in the usage of your IT systems thus enabling us to provide guidance for any future IT investments.

Monitoring alerts are sent to our engineers within seconds providing details of failures.

IT best practice is to be proactive and not reactive.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Speedyhosts Monitoring

Monitoring networks and servers allow for proactive management of capacity and processes as well as assisting businesses in maintaining service levels and improve customer satisfaction.

Emails sent from clients or partners returned "undeliverable" due to server or network issues can destroy the confidence they may have in your business.

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